The 1st International conference on Ocean Fronts and Eddies

27-31 October 2019 | Zhoushan China
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Keynote Speakers


Prof. Pavel Berloff

Imperial College, London, UK

University of California, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


Research Interests: Applied mathematician in fluid dynamics, geophysical fluid dynamics, ocean and atmosphere circulation and modelling, turbulence, waves, convection, oceanic mesoscale eddies, parameterizations of geophysical processes, ocean-atmosphere coupling, climate dynamics, transport and mixing in fluids, stochastic modelling, nonlinear dynamical systems, scientific computing and numerical algorithms.

Some novel approaches for parameterizing mesoscale eddies


This talk focuses on some new approaches for parameterizing mesoscale eddy effects for use in non-eddy-resolving ocean circulation models. Specific example of eddy-rich eastward jet extensions of western boundary currents and their adjacent recirculation zones will be considered. Explicit and implicit stochastic modelling, eddy amplification, as well as dynamics-based and data-driven points of view will be reviewed.



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