The 1st International conference on Ocean Fronts and Eddies

27-31 October 2019 | Zhoushan China
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Keynote Speakers


Dr. Matthew B. Alkire

Senior Research Scientist

School of Oceanography

University of Washington


Research interests: Polar oceanography, geochemical tracers, biogeochemical sensors, autonomous platforms, methods of data quality assurance/quality control

The use of geochemical tracers to identify water mass fronts in the Arctic Ocean


It is the purpose of this talk to introduce the various water masses found in the Arctic Ocean and describe how fronts separating these water masses are identified through the application of physical and biogeochemical measurements. Variations in the positions/alignments of these fronts help to describe changes in circulation patterns that impact local physical, chemical, and biological systems, some of which have implications for global climate. A case study will be presented that uses the NO parameter, a semi-conservative tracer combining nitrate and dissolved oxygen, to define a front separating Pacific and Atlantic waters in the East Siberian Sea which coincides with the origin of the Transpolar Current, a major circulation feature of the Arctic Ocean



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