William Dewar

On Wind-Driven General Circulation Energetics

David Marshall

Geometry and Energetics of Ocean Mesoscale Eddies and Their Rectified Impact on Climate (GEOMETRIC)

Changming Dong

Oceanic Eddy Detection and Analysis

Pavel Berloff

Some Novel Approaches for Parameterizing Mesoscale Eddies

Xavier Carton

The 3D Structure of Mesoscale Eddies in the Northeastern Arabian Sea and Their Impact on Submesoscale Dynamics

Sergey Prants

Fronts and Eddies in the Ocean from the Lagrangian Point of View

Dong-Kyu Lee

Formation of core convergent eddy by wrapping low density water around the warm eddy

Ryo Furue

How Deterministic Are the Deep Zonal Jets in the Pacific?

Konstantin Koshel

Vortex in Deformation Background Flows: Elliptic (Kida Vortex), Ellipsoidal Vortices. Regular and Chaotic Dynamics

Chen-Tung Arthur Chen

The Subsurface Kuroshio Front

John Ryan

Phenomenal fronts

Peter Munk

Hydrographic fronts as essential habitats for larval fish

Hjalmar Hatun

Traversing major nutrient fronts in the northeastern Atlantic – from the subpolar gyre to adjacent shelves

Matthew Alkire

The use of geochemical tracers to identify water mass fronts in the Arctic Ocean

Mati Kahru

Satellite detection of ocean fronts and the use of frontal statistics in ocean ecology

Peter Miller

Climate change impacts on oceanic fronts: initial results from a satellite and model study

Chris Chapman

New Perspectives on Southern Ocean Fronts, Jets and their Variability

Igor Belkin

Global Survey of Ocean Fronts

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